Invest in Design part I

How to design signage for a successful campaign

When it comes to marketing any business signage is one of the most important aspects. 35% of customers discover businesses from passing by and noticing signage. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to properly design banners to catch the attention of customers.

Choose the right font sizes

Customers need to be able to actually read the signs. If potential customers can’t read a sign, they’ll be less likely to stop in and inquire about your products and services. That’s why it’s important to choose a bold, interesting, appropriate font that customers can clearly read.


Simplicity applies to both the design and the message. When you’re designing for trade show banner printing, it’s important to utilize blank space. In fact, almost half of your design should consist of blank space. This allows for the customers to easily read the message without being overwhelmed with colour, font, and graphics. Additionally, you shouldn’t try to cram an entire paragraph onto your banner. Pick a short, simple message that clearly tells viewers what your business does.

Utilize white space
A big mistake is to cram as much information as possible into a projects. White space is key to having a simple, eye-catching design. 40% of empty space should be kept in any poster, banner or lightbox. These blank areas provide necessary balance to create the perfect design.