Invest in Design part II

Having eye-catching marketing materials is key to attracting customers

Whether it’s  a trade show or the front window of a store, having eye-catching marketing materials is key to attracting customers. Banner design can take practice!

Keep the message clear
When including copy, it’s important to have a clear, concise message on a banner or signage. Customers should be able to read the copy and automatically understand what your business does. Otherwise, people naturally forget information and move on.

Colour is important

It’s a good idea to use bright, contrasting colours to catch the attention but it’s important to not go overboard. The colour of the font should pop out against the colour of the background.

Include a call to action
Including contact information for a business or a way to motivate potential customers to reach out is a must. Again, this could be an engaging copy or easy to remember information. Customers reading a signage must know precisely what a business does, otherwise, it gets easily forgotten.