It’s not Business, it’s Personal.

A story about success and reliability that helped to build it.

Described by Tomas Pedersen, the founder of Nordsign as a “steam engine of the company” Michael carries himself in a quiet confidence. Softly spoken and calm, he is however adamant of getting his point across. His projects and ideas are well thought-through before he presents them to the wider audience.

When he joined Nordsign, the company consisted of a small printing house with limited capacity and big dreams. A lot has changed since 1996 – together, they have grown Nordsign from a small office located in Hadsund, Denmark, to an international provider of large format print and soft signage with two centres, in Denmark and Poland.

Although based daily in Denmark, Michael is a frequent visitor in Poland where Tomas Pedersen resides. Running the company from both countries at the same time has its undeniable benefits. According to Michael, the power behind Polish production capacity is much greater than people anticipate. While Denmark is creative and leads the way in design and innovation, Poland’s old school of craftsmanship and engineering power cannot be overestimated. “It makes us reliable. At the end of the day – this is what clients want. They want the best possible product delivered on time, they want an easy contact and trustworthy service. Reliability is a value I will always encourage our employees to embrace – to me, this is crucial in my daily work and an overall vision of the company”.

When it comes to other values, for Michael communication is key. His team in Denmark has succeeded in sustaining a large number of clients by providing a friendly, professional service with a particular attitude. “If I can help customers by providing them with the best service and innovative, practical products, that’s great. We know we sell products with added value if we build relationships at the same time. But I don’t shy away from recommending other companies if there is something Nordsign doesn’t do. Customers always appreciate that” – explains Michael.

This attitude comes particularly handy when clients want to expand their orders beyond print. “I’m in a good position to direct some clients to Kosmonaut, our sister company, for instance, that designs and produces customizable retail stands, expositors and other marketing displays. Our services and products go hand in hand and that’s valuable for some clients.

Nordsign is growing. Michael Overgaard, Tomas Pedersen and Niels Lundorf , the newest associate, have big plans for the company – the state of the art IT systems and new machines are just the beginning to build even more reliable printing company.