It’s time to show them!

Bring large format print to your business.
Here is why.

Large format printing services are a massive portion of the signage market.

According to all research, large-format printing is outpacing popular digital alternatives like LED screens in terms of growth. So no matter what your company’s marketing needs may be – promoting your brand with banners or producing car wraps – large format printing is typically a great option for your business. The following are a few benefits of using large format.

Benefits? Where do we start?

Apart from the obvious – large format prints being very visible to passers-by, another benefit of large format printing is the fact that it is customizable and can be designed to fit many objects and shapes. Because they are often made with durable, weather and sun resistant materials, large-format printing projects are ideal for outdoor campaigns as well as for indoor use.

Typically large-format printing services are used to produce banners. Banners are the most common examples of large format printing on the market. You can see them everywhere: shopping centres, fairs, supermarkets and expos. They last for ages, projecting brand orientated professionalism by remaining intact and vibrant.

Flexibility regarding shapes and sizes makes them beneficial to both different budgets and creativity. Many of these banners are available in vinyl, polyester or nylon mesh adding to their longevity and UV resistance keeping them fresh, bright, and ready for repeated use.

Regarding the range of mounting materials available, large format printed banners are often used in window displays, in frames, profiles, full coverage for walls, and custom designs where a particularly unusual shapes are needed.

That’s quality!

With large format printers you can combine both RGB inks and CMYK inks to create richer more deep colours that are photo realistic. Also, when it comes to cutting all kinds of shapes and sizes can be cut out, for beach flags for example.

Large format printers have plenty of waterproof and fire resistant solutions. This makes large format printing a bit more durable and practical than other printing options for businesses.


Show your colours!

Businesses find large-format printing an affordable way to market themselves and build their brand. Because they are relatively cheap large format printed banners are a popular marketing investment that can be reused and modified as needed.

Additionally, they have a proven record of catching the eyes of consumers due to their size and brilliance. When people see an official sign on the large banner they react, they take note and they are more likely to make a consumers choice. Large format printed banners increase foot traffic to a business and add a sense of legitimacy to a brand through their polished and massive presentation.

To find out how much large format printers can benefit your business contact our dedicated team at Nordsign.