The Bigger Picture

When life values become company values

Nordsign is growing. Two large production halls accommodate newest, high efficiency printers and cutting tables as well as Finishing Department and Hardware Department. Tomas Pedersen and Michael Overgaard talk about transforming life values into company values and growth in capacity and innovation.

“There is a Danish saying: If you have the skill you also have the duty. I guess I live by it every day.”

Tomas Pedersen, the founder of Nordsign, has been living in Poland for seven years now, getting acquainted to Polish seasons and the spirit of modernity linked with nostalgic history. He tries to implement his core ideals into Nordsign – a company he established in Denmark in 1992 and in 2006 in Poland.

“Coming from Denmark, I feel I have a duty to explain the reasons behind Danish achievements. People often wonder why a country with long cold winters and high taxes can be so successful. I believe in technology and innovation”.

Michael, based in Denmark, is a frequent visitor in Poland. Running the company from both countries at the same time has its undeniable benefits. According to Michael, the power behind Polish production capacity is much greater than people anticipate. While Denmark is creative and leads the way in design and innovation, Poland’s old school of craftsmanship and engineering power cannot be overestimated. “It makes us reliable. At the end of the day – this is what clients want. They want the best possible product delivered on time, they want an easy contact and trustworthy service. Reliability is a value I will always encourage our employees to embrace – to me, this is crucial in my daily work and an overall vision of the company”.

When it comes to other values, for Michael communication is key. His team in Denmark has succeeded in sustaining a large number of clients by providing a friendly, professional service with a particular attitude. “If I can help customers by providing them with the best service and innovative, practical products, that’s great. We know we sell products with added value if we build relationships at the same time.

Tomas adds: “There is one key-word that reflects so many other standards in Denmark: trust. Trust implements the best possible service and it indicates reliability. This is the added value in Nordsign”.